Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today i finally got two out of the three appointments scheduled for Tyler but, not until January. January 21st he is going to see an endocrinologist and a electrophysiologist Dr at 10am and 2pm. We have to take him to Riley hospital which is in Indianapolis Indiana, i think its a 2-3 hour drive for us. December and January can't go quick enough to get these appointments over with...

The other doctor he's going to see is in the metabolism department at Riley children's hospital but i'm waiting for them to call me, they like to talk to the patient to schedule the appointment not the nurse. Hopefully we can get that scheduled either the Thursday January 20th, or later in the day on the 21st. My husband isn't crazy about taking off a Friday as it is the biggest day for his pay during the week but, like i told him i could get someone else to go with me but i'd really prefer my husband be there.

Next week Tyler goes back to the gastrointologist doctor for another four week checkup, they have yet to call with the results of his poop testing. I've also made two phone calls this week to the hospital and a doctor's office and left messages for them to call me back....and haven't heard anything from them either. Ugh, very frustrating guess i have to call again if i want it done. I'm hoping the gastrointologist can maybe scratch off us going to the endocrinologist if Tyler is gaining weight better now that he's on the appetite enhancer medicine twice a day now. He seems to be eating a ton better and more often!

Today we woke up to snow...not my favorite but here is Tyler after we took sister to school, he loves his new hat! He used to pull them off as soon as i put them on his head, but he's doing so much better which is great cause i'm determined to have no ear infections this winter! The hat also came with gloves and a scarf, his sister stole the scarf and wore it to school! LOL

So i am kinda having an issue with Kelsee's coming home after school, maybe people who read this can give me input. I asked one of the mom's if she would mind bringing Kelsee home on the days she was able to which originally was Monday and Wednesday, and then her Teacher would bring her home on Thursdays. I have someone bring her home because she goes to preschool from 12:30-2:45, Tyler Naps from 1pm-anywhere from 3:30-4 pm usually. Even if i laid him down as soon as we got back he'd most likely still nap till 3:30pm, i really hate to have to cut his nap shorter cause it'd mess up his entire schedule. He'd probably be ready for bed earlier then 8pm, which means he'd only get to see his dad for an hour or so some afternoons, and he'd be up an hour or so earlier, which he's up at 7:30 or 8am as it is. I've been thinking of asking the teacher if i could maybe have another mom's phone number that picks their child up all the time, and is there more then not there. Cause the mom that brings Kelsee home now, if her son doesn't want to stay at school, they leave, or like today she didn't have room in her van i guess? I'm fine with her not wanting to bring her home, i'll find someone else but i did ask her originally and she said she didn't mind? UGH its frustrating. Today Nate was home before Kelsee which was a half hour after Kelsee was out of school, and i had gotten Tyler ready and was walking out the door cause i was freaking out that she wasn't home yet. Nate went and picked her up, and she was helping the teacher clean and decorate the room..which is fine cause Kelsee loves to do that stuff. But i wish she would have called or something to let me know, cause she's usually always home 10-15 minutes after school, and when that long had passed i was freaking out. She felt bad and apologized to Nate and he told her it was fine just sometimes i panic about certain things. Almost as if i shouldn't have panicked? But in this day and age its hard to say what could happen and the things that were going through my head weren't good. Another thing is, i'm thinking of doing in home daycare starting in January so then i'll need someone to pick Kelsee up for school and bring her home...i just don't know what to do. I wish there was someone close to me that could do it, so i didn't have to ask a stranger but there isn't anyone that would be able to. Ok enough ranting i better start getting Tyler ready for bed its 7:30pm, another night he probably wont see daddy before he goes to bed. :(

ps. sorry so long! LOL

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