Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wildtree With Amanda-Review/Giveaway

I had the opportunity to review a product for Wildtree With Amanda. Amanda had posted a few weeks ago for testers so i emailed like instructed and when she emailed back i got to pick any product. I'm not really a cook so i had a hard time deciding what i wanted, so i asked my husband to help me decide. My husband picked the Heavenly Chocolate Mouse, he knows how much i enjoy my sweets and figured it'd be something easy i could make without him. I received it in the mail within a week once she got my email, which had first gone to her junk mail but, she was quick to respond to my second email and found the other! Two thumbs up for customer service!! The first time i made the Heavenly chocolate mouse i used heavy whipping cream, and you were supposed to fold the chocolate mix into the heavy whipping cream once it was whipped and fluffy. It didn't turn out so well......
Didn't look like the picture on the box at all, so i placed in the fridge to chill and emailed Amanda with this picture. She wasn't sure what had went wrong but had said maybe with the next package try making it with Whipped Cream, the other way it says to do on the box. Well after it chilled i got it out and mixed it up with a spoon and it worked, it looked chocolate so i added some chocolate flakes and tryed it!
This is what it looked like, looks yummy right? It wasn't too terrible but not my favorite with heavy whipping cream, had to much of a cocoa taste too it. So after it was finally all ate, i got some whipped cream (cool whip) and made the second packet. Much using the hand mixer to whip it and make it fluffy since its already fluffy! And tasted 100% better, a little sweet but it was awesome. I'd definitely get this product and serve it to friends!
Much fluffier and more of a chocolate color too it! Thank you Amanda for the opportunity i enjoyed the Heavenly Chocolate Mouse and super easy to prepare!
Giveaway-Amanda would like to offer one lucky reader a $10 credit to her store.
To enter all you need to do is go to her Wildtree with Amanda store and tell me something you'd buy with the $10 credit!! With all comments please leave your email for a way for me to get a hold of you if you win!
Extra Entries-
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Purchase a product from Wildtree with Amanda and leave me a comment saying you did!

This Giveaway will be open until February 4th, 2011 and then i will choose through and email the winner! Good luck everyone and please follower directions i will be checking!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night Nate and I went to Indianapolis early so that we'd beat the bad weather, in case it truly got bad. Kelsee stayed at her grandmas and we took Chance (our dog) to my dads! LOL He needs a babysitter too, he wouldn't have lasted that long by himself he's only a Chihuahua! We left my dads around 7pm and headed to Indianapolis, it was a 2 1/2 hour drive. The roads weren't bad at all a little icy and you could sometimes feel the wheels shift on the black ice under a overpass but other then that it was smooth sailing, we got to the hotel at 9:30pm. We were hungry when we got there even though we'd eaten around 6:30pm on the way to taking chance to my dads, so we finally decided to order Papa John's and have it delivered at 10pm, they said it would be an hour wait. So we were watching "What about Mary" (Hilarious movie) and next thing we know its 11:20pm still no pizza, so Nate calls and asks why we haven't gotten our delivery and the guy says well i was at the hotel and you gave us the wrong last name and the wrong room number???? WHAT, seriously how would he have given them the wrong last name? He paid for it with his debit card we dont' have money to just throw away for some prank??? So the driver looks Nate up in the computer....Guess what right last name, cell number and right room number. Grrrrr but then come to find out the pizza isn't even made right, so at this point Nate just tells him to cancel the order cause we're going to bed. I really wanted some papa john's pizza we haven't had it in ages, and its my favorite and we've sorta been eating healthy at home so we won't be having it anytime soon. So we continued to watch the movie and i notice Tyler is sitting up on Nate's bed just as still as can be, i was going to leave him there and see if he'd fall asleep but Nate had a bright idea that we should just turn the movie off and put him in his play pen. Well (don't judge me) but Tyler CIO's when he goes to bed, and with us being in the same room he was screaming even louder then usual and daddy only lasted maybe 2 minutes and he'd gotten him out and put Tyler in bed with him. I tried telling him it wouldn't work, the time by now was 12:30am.....Tyler didn't go to bed till 1am when i finally told Nate just put him in his playpen he'll be fine and if someone in the hotel knocks on the door we'll have to think of something else. Within two minutes or so Tyler had cried and went to sleep. I took a few pictures out the window of our hotel at 11:30pm. We were right across the street from Riley hospital which made it convenient in the morning, since the alarm went off repeatedly and  no one woke up, well  was awake but just let them go off and shut off on their own! LOL We got up at 8:15am finally and got our showers, and woke Tyler up, we were at the hospital right on time 9:30am. They had Nate fill out a paper about Tyler's health history and other stuff while we waited, and then we went back and got Tyler's weight and height, in the Cardiologist office he was 20lbs 9oz and 30 1/2 inches tall. Then we were taken back to the room and the nurse ran an EKG on him, which turned out normal. The doctor's med student came in first talk to us, listened to Tyler's heart and then left to get the doctor. Doctor came in talked to us about Tyler's 2nd degree heart block, which was nice cause up till now we had no idea what it meant. He showed us his results from his 24 hour halter monitor the other Cardiologist did in November and said that his brain sends signals to the heart to have an up beat, down beat and then they meet together. Well occasionally Tyler's heart will signal will get sent to slow and his heart will skip the down beat like every second beat but they only noticed it while he was sleeping, and said it is caused because of his heart rate being so low. The cardiologist assured us its nothing to freak out about, and they will keep an eye on it every 6 months but most of the time people grow out of something like this. So we got sent home with another 24 hour heart halter monitor on Tyler, which he had to wear the rest of the day today. We are to send it in the mail in a UPS envelope they sent home with us, and when we're ready to mail it we call the UPS and they will send
 someone to come pick up the envelope from our house. Relieved that its nothing serious and we don't have to think about a pacemaker.After they put the halter monitor on him we went downstairs inside Riley Hospital and had McDonald's for lunch, Tyler sat on the statue of Ronald MacDonald for a picture while we waited on our food. That place was packed so it took a little while! LOL

He wasn't sure what to think of Ronald! You can sorta see the bulge on the left side of his onesie from his heart halter monitor, the box that keeps the information, she had it tucked up inside the webbed stretchy shirt she put on under his onesie to keep him from trying to take the wires off. After lunch we went up to the third floor and waited for an hour and half until we could sign up him for his next appointment with Endocrinologist which was at 2pm. They called us back at 1:40pm but the Doctor still didn't come in the room till 2:15pm. The Endocrinologist doctor seems to think his weight gain has nothing to do with hormones or glands, but she is going to have some tests run when he goes back to Riley for the Genetics appointment in February. She did it that way so he doesn't have to have blood drawn so close together more then once, cause his appointment is in three weeks. We finally left the hospital around 3pm, and made it out of Indianapolis before rush hour....woo hoo! We were home and had Kelsee from grandma's by 6pm, so we got to spend a few hours with the kids before bedtime. Tyler refused bedtime at first probably because his schedule was so messed up from yesterday and today. He napped on the way home between 3-5pm, and he usually naps from 1-4pm. Today was a busy day and I'm thoroughly exhausted but had to write this before i forgot everything that went on today! LOL Here are some pictures of the kid's tonight before they went to bed, including one of Tyler's heart monitor in case you didn't see it the first time he wore one. Sounds like they may do this every 6 months, good thing we can meet up with one of the Cardiologists from Indianapolis at the kids Pediatricians office for the every 6 months check.

I don't know why i can't figure out how to get the pictures side by side but i can't darnit! LOL Hope you all have a great evening or morning lol  cause its almost 12am here, i can't believe I've stayed up this late again..... NIGHT!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting closer

Life has been busy and hectic lately...with sick husband and snotty baby, hopefully everyone is over all that. Friday is getting closer and when i think about it i sometimes feel nervous but have to remind myself we probably wont learn anything new about Tyler Friday, so i have no reason to be nervous. In case some of you have forgot, Tyler is going to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, its about a 2 hour drive for us. His first appointment is with the cardiologist and is at 10am, we'll be leaving home early and we're leaving Kelsee with my mom. His second appointment is the endocrinologist at 2pm and then we'll be heading home. I'm sure they are going to be doing tests on him at both places and like said before we won't find anything out right away. So far all his tests that have been run have come back normal or negative, including the most recent one for celiac, which he does not have. Celiac is an allergy to gluten, the Gastrointologist thought maybe he might not be absorbing gluten like he should be. If you are just now starting to read my updates on Tyler you can go back to the first few posts, Today is a day is the first one i posted about Tyler and the doctors worries. I can't wait for this week to be over i've sorta been dreading it since it was scheduled but i'm sure it will all be fine. Just another day with doctors appointments right?

My fourth diaper and i've actually made one that's wearable for Tyler. It is a little big in the legs because i think the elastic wasn't pulled as tightly while my husband was putting it in, as it could have been, and i accidentally sewed the very top shut when putting the middle velcro on.A small insert has to go in it but, Tyler wore it for a few hours, pooped and peed in it, and no messes outside the diaper!! I'm excited about my success on sewing, even if i have had a little help from my mom or husband with my diapers! I haven't decided whether the next one i'll make an AI2 or another pocket! I really need to get a snap press, anyone know where i can get one cheap?
I now have a review tab for my reviews, make sure to watch for it, i'll hopefully be posting two reviews very soon! I'm hoping soon i'll get to do giveaways, maybe if i get good enough i'll start giving my diapers away to maybe get some business for myself! Speaking of business i got an email today for a possible childcare client, hopefully she'll email me back and meat up with me tomorrow or Thursday and will like me! She has a 3 year old little girl, and i'd be honored! Alright well i'd better sign off here and finish watching Greek (love this show) with my husband, and then get the kids to bed!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

new you 2011

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This is from the blogs of The Not So Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom and Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums.
It's to help give support to fellow mothers (or anyone really) who are struggling to lose weight and/or to get in shape. It will be a weekly link-up that will take place on Thursday's. The linky will be live on our blogs the night before (Wednesday).

Each week we encourage you to make a blog post and include the New You 2011 button about what you did the previous week. This can include but not limited to: pounds lost, food you ate, exercise, goals, healthy eating questions, etc.

You do not have to have a blog to participate, feel free to leave us a comment on that week's New You 2011 thread with your pounds lost, etc.

We look forward to seeing you for the big kick out celebration on January 6th!

The first week it will be a get to know you type thing.
So get ready!
A little about me:
I am 27 years old and a mother of 2, my youngest is a little over 18 months old. I really don't need to lose weight as i am 121 lbs but i have a muffin top still and my butt and thighs are still bigger then i'd like. I wouldn't mind being 115lbs but i won't be crushed if i don't lose that much weight to get my flat belly and smaller hips, butt and thighs back. I have been in a few weight loss competitions with friend's but have not succeeded yet. I am now in a weight loss competition with my husband and friend and our goal date is March 11th. Of course i'm not gonna lose that because they both have more weight to lose then me but i'm really just doing it for a motivation for the two of them. We are doing it for money too so hopefully that motivates the two of them also. I am logging my exercise and food on 
To lose the extra fat that i have i'm planning to ride my exercise bike atleast 15 minutes every day and riding atleast 2 miles. Then we also have wii Fitness Plus, I plan to do different strength training and cardio things from the Wii Firness plus. Every other day or every day depending on my mood, i also intend to do atleast 25 crunches, with 3 repetitions. My family is also eating healthier and having less non healthy snacks in the house to be temptations. Good luck everyone who is on this journey with me!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Stuff

I love getting new things but especially love getting new things for the kids. Last night i took a few pictures of the kids in their new jammies and of Tyler in his new beloved night time Kawaii diaper!!! First up is a picture of Kelsee in her Tinkerbell jammies, although i wish we could take them back and get a bigger size they are very cute on her. They came from Florida so not returnable so she'll get as much wear out of them as she can!
Next is a picture of Tyler in his dog jammies, mommy and daddy bought these for Tyler for Christmas from sears, they had an awesome sale the day of thanksgiving! So of course we went and bought the kids a ton of clothes, spent a little over $100 and bought well over $180 dollars worth of clothes i'd say!
Then of course i got a picture of the two of them together. I gotta say Tyler was not a huge fan of taking a picture with her last night, as you'll be able to see in the picture. But of course her being the old sibling sorta forced him, and i couldn't help but snap the picture! LOL

Then there is the beloved new diaper my friend Destiny got Tyler for Christmas, we just got it last week so we just recently had it washed and were able to see how well it worked. The first time he used it was New Years Eve, i sent him to a friends house for the evening and had her use it for his night diaper, i was kinda hesitant because i didn't want it to leak while she had him, since this was her first time keeping him for me. Then i decided, he'll be in his playpen and on with his sheet and blanket, so i went for it. When i picked him up on Saturday she said he did awesome and the diaper didn't leak!!! YAY!

He wore his Kawaii again last night and again no leaks!  I was looking at a site to see how much they'd be and they are really reasonably priced, especially if you can get free shipping. They have two extra large inserts in them for a heavy wetter for night absorbency, which work great for Tyler. If you are a cloth diapering mama or know anything about cloth diapers and their inserts, these inserts are almost double a normal insert. We have been using Bum Genius Aio diapers for night time, with an extra small insert and that are velcro. These diapers are snaps, which are much easier for him to take off. With the Bum Genius i was having the hardest time getting the funk out of them, they had a horrible ammonia smell from the night time wetting even after washing them a million times. I did finally get it out and haven't used any of them since, that was too tough the first time, i'm thinking of getting rid of them! LOL The Kawaii diaper has now been worn two nights and no smell at all after being washed, in the inserts or the diaper itself!!! I am totally sold by this diaper and thinking i want to buy more! Unfortunately they are limited to colors and prints and this is the only print i like for a boy, so i'll be getting just plain colored ones when i do buy them. Thank you Destiny for showing me the light of a night time pocket diaper!!!! If your a friend on facebook and haven't seen them yet i posted some new pictures of the family from our holidays pictures we got taken. Finally remembered to call the photographer today, and she was nice enough to just let us purchase the CD without printing any pictures! If you are local to Albion and read this blog i recommend Shelly Mosley for a photographer, otherwise know as Shelly Smiles! She is great with our kids and we've loved every photo she's taken so far, this was our second time using her for photographs! The family picture at the top of my blog is her work, i would show you more but can't get the blog to upload any more photo's without being an error!
I better get to bed, today was day 1 of weight loss competition with my friend Ashley from Ohio and my husband Nathon and i didn't do a darn thing. So i'm waking up hopefully at 7am tomorrow and doing a workout and getting a shower before the kids get up!! Gnight everyone!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year!!!

I can't believe we are two days into 2011, i am gonna have a rough time remembering it when i write checks! LOL It always takes me a couple times to not mess up. We had an awesome new years eve at our friends house, it was fun getting drunk and meeting new people! At first i wasn't sure i wanted to go cause the only people we'd know were the home owners and their kids but, i'm soooo glad we went we had a blast. Best new years eve since Kelsee was born in my opinion! They need to have parties like that more then once a year! LOL Just kidding but it was a lot of fun!
I've typed a flyer for Childcare and thinking of posting it at the library and grocery store here in town. I would post it to show you all but i can't figure out how to get it into programs besides email yet. LOL I'm a little bit challenged when it comes to stuff like that. I'm only going to watch 3-4 children besides my own but am hoping i get some phone calls from the fliers when i post them on Tuesday. We could really use a second income if we ever plan to build a newer/bigger house and to get out of debt. I'm not ready to leave Tyler or Kelsee at any daycare so i think this is the best way for me to make another income for our family. Its a new year and hopefully better for our family as far as finances go! On a better not i want to announce that a friend of mine had her baby boy Thursday December 30th, 2010, apparently her husband has been hoping he'd come before the new year so they could claim him on taxes. LOL That would be like a male to think that way! He wasn't due till the end of January but he is perfectly healthy and totally adorable! I'd post a picture but waiting for her to post the first picture when she gets time! So a big congratulations to my friend and her family on their newest little man! Please continue to pray for a friends mother, she has yet to have her surgery that was scheduled last Wednesday because of an infection that isn't healing. Hopefully that infection will be healed soon if it isn't already and she will get her surgery done that she needs.