Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another year gone....

My Kelsee turned 5 years old can that be? Seems like just yesterday she was learning to walk and talk. LOL Ok maybe not just yesterday but, it sure doesn't seem like 5 years has gone by. Here is a picture of Kelsee when she was 1 year old opening presents her 2nd christmas! She has grown so much since this picture its insane, (sorry for the red eyed baby!) LOL

I woke Kelsee up with singing the happy birthday song to her, and first thing she said when she was awake while standing on her bed, "Mommy now that i'm 5 years old i'm taller!" To which i told her no Kelsee you are not taller you are just older, she tried argueing her case but in the end dropped it. Then about an hour or so later we were getting our coats on and getting ready to leave for the library, i notice that she's having trouble with her coat, and she says "mommy now that i'm 5 can i say......" she left a blank. I figured she was meaning a cuss word like S H I T or somthing, so i said no just cause your older does not mean you can say bad words. Her reply was "but audri does"? Audri is her friend who is 22 days older then her, i'm guessing she does not say bad words but i just told Kelsee i don't care what Audri does she's not my child. Later that day she told me she wanted to say dangit...i don't know why she would ask if that was ok cause she says that all the time. LOL Going back to earlier that day at the library, she asks "mom now that i'm 5 do i have to wear my winter coat over my fleece?" Yes Kelsee you still have to stay warm even though you are older, doesn't mean things are going to change! LOL Anyone else have a 5 year old that asks silly questions like this? We took her to Chuckie Cheese in the evening just a small family get together for her birthday and she had a blast of course! I forgot my camera in my mom's van earlier that day, so all my pictures are on my phone and i haven't looked for the USB cord to transfer them! But she got tons of presents and still has 3 more to open from mommy and daddy that, Nate decided he didn't want to take to Chuckie Cheese. He didn't want people to think she was a spoiled brat....even though everyone knows how spoiled rotten she is! LOL Daddy's little princess!

I got Tylers results back from his poop test, everything was normal. Now i'm supposed to get some blood tests done, which if i can find the paper i'm thinking i might get them done Friday. I can't remember what they are for though at this moment! LOL He is still going to Indianapolis in january, except i need to call and reschedule an appoinment because i double booked today. I now have the Endocrinologist and genetics appt at 2pm! LOL ooops I'm hoping one of them has sa later appointment and we can keep all 3 appointments on January 14th, makes it much more simpler for our family and taking off work for my husband.

In the meantime, i'm trying to get different products that i'm fans of on Facebook to let me review their products and possibly do giveaways! So stay tuned for that, i'm sure you'd love to join in on the fun if i get to do a giveaway or two!

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