I have done some reviews and you can view the links to them on my Review/Giveaway page. I would love to do more reviews/Giveaways for your company. If you would be interested in having me do a review or giveaway or both...i would be honored. Just go to my contact me through email at and let me know what type of products you would want reviewed or given away. Also please leave your name, email and possibly website so i could look around and see what type of products you offer other then what you would want reviewed or given away!

I would not expect any compensation for product reviews or giveaways, i just ask that i get to keep the item i review in case something were to happen to it or we really really love it! All my reviews would be my honest opinion and i would not hold back if i had anything i didn't like about the product, as almost every product has it pros and cons! If you would not consider me maybe leave me some feedback to let me know what i could change differently about my blog or reviews! Thank you!

Advertising- I would be open to having other blogs advertised on my blog, just email me at and we can talk about whether it would be to sell products or just to advertise to get fans and to find out rates!