Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas festivities

We celebrated Christmas with my mom , Brason, step dad, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew on December 18th. Because my niece and Kelsee's birthdays are December 14th and December 19th we also  celebrated birthdays for them. We opened presents, everyone was pleased with their presents and then we ate dinner! Dinner was delicious, especially my favorite (Deviled Eggs), and then we had birthday cake! My mom made the girls a butterfly cake!
The cake was delicious and Kelsee had part of the purple! Her cousin Trevor originally took it from her, i have a picture of her pouting but Aunt Christal gave it back to her and gave Trevor the pink wing part.
The next time we celebrated for Christmas was Tuesday December 21st, we had a gift exchange with a friend of mine and her two kids. The kids got gifts for each other, Tyler got from them a box of fruity Cheerios and a Christmas themed Cheerios book. Its cute it has little holes in certain places on the pages where you put the Cheerios, i'd never seen this book before! Kelsee got a Princess DS game, which she opened immediately and began to play it. Her being herself, was trying to keep it away from my friends little girls eyes to see the screen, and not being nice. I don't know why she does that sometimes, cause just 5 minutes before she got the present they were playing in her room happily. My friend still has a present for Tyler but last we seen each other she hadn't received it in the mail yet! I'm super excited, as i think its a cloth diaper....!!!! I could be wrong..never know! We got her kids pjs and a shirt for her boy(same age as Tyler), and Knee highs, Dress up shoes and black sparkly leggings for her daughter ( year younger then Kelsee). We had a great time with them, always do!
Christmas eve we went to my dads house and the kids opened all gifts that said from mommy, daddy, Kelsee or Tyler. So they each opened about 5, and i opened my new sheets! They are our first pair of flannel sheets, and they were nice and toasty last night and very soft! I got them from my husband, and then my dad and his g/f were like you bought her sheets for Christmas? I don't see whats wrong with that but apparently my dad would catch hell if he bought her anything for the household for Christmas or birthday! I could care less, i'm still using it! LOL The kids stayed at grandpas Christmas eve while mommy and daddy went home. We had to peel mushrooms, yuck my hands smelled horrible afterwards. We didn't get to bed till about 1am and got up at 7:15am. Got down to my dads Christmas day about 9am and the kids got to open their Santa presents from us. TONS of toys and a few clothes!
Tyler with his first present Christmas morning, and in his Ooga booga diaper that we got from diaper swapping with a friend from Ohio!
Kelsee with one of her morning presents, she's so excited to play this maybe we'll get it out next weekend when we're not as busy the whole weekend! In the afternoon my dads g/fs daughter, her husband and their little girl and then my dads g/fs son, and my aunt and her bf came over for lunch and more gift unwrapping. We had a non traditional lunch from Casa's, Casa's salad, Lasagna, stuffed mushrooms (made by Nate), some noodle and sausage concoction my dads g/f made, and crescent rolls that were coated inside and out with garlic butter. We all got some awesome gifts and Christmas couldn't have been better this year! I'm so glad its finally over, but now i have a day to clean my house and get in order, cause we have a play date schedule for Tuesday morning! Happy holidays everyone i hope yours was as great as ours!!

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