Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving was great, food was awesome! We had ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, a vegetable medley, cranberries, rolls, deviled eggs and sweet potatoes. Everyone was so stuffed they didn't hardly eat dessert, so one pie was taken home whole by the person who brought it. Another pie will be going to our thanksgiving/Christmas get together on Sunday, and the dessert truffle that was brought was mostly taken home by the maker as well.
Black Friday shopping but on Thursday....boy oh boy did i not realize what i was getting into! LOL I've been black Friday shopping at Toys R Us 2 other times but this year would have to be the worst wait in line outside and inside EVER! Toys R Us opened last night at 10pm, i planned to go wait in line at 9:30pm but ended up not getting there till 10pm, the line was 500 people deep or more at that point. I took my 10 year old sister with me (she wanted to come but pretty sure she'll never make that mistake again), we waited outside for one 1/2 hours before we finally got in the store. Luckily i had made sure she dressed warm, so she really didn't complain a whole lot of being cold. Once in the store it took me about 20 minutes or so to get what i wanted and find the end of the treacherous line that was literally wrapped around the whole store. I heard one lady say at one point she heard a woman was misdirected and ended up going around the store twice while waiting in line to purchase her items. My dad called while we were outside still about 11pm or so, and again at 12:50am at which i told him we were in line to purchase our things but it would not be any time soon that we'd be doing so. My phone was dieing and so it didn't die all the way i shut it off. Finally around 2:30am we were checking out, and here is my dad coming behind me at the checkout lane? Apparently he had tried calling several times and since he hadn't heard from me in an hour and 1/2 he was worried sick... WOW! So i didn't get to purchase the one toy i had purposely gone to get, because i apparently didn't read and it was a 5am-1pm item....GRRRRR. But i did save $60 and got two big bags full of things, and ended up only spending 60 or so of our money because i had a $75 gift card that Tyler had won at a company picnic for Nate's work in August. I finally got back to my dads around 3am, and thought about waking back up at 5am to try and get the toy online...but quickly decided my worth was more important! LOL Tyler was awake at 6am, but i got him to go back to sleep upstairs in a playpen. My husband called me at 8am, and was being grouchy and i'm sure i was but i was seriously very tired. I got to sleep till almost 9:30am, it was very nice! My little sister was still sleeping at 11:30 when i left for my dentist appointment! LOL Yay, Kelsee says i must be in the no cavity club since i didn't have any! LOL I would have posted pictures of Kelsee in her cute new dress and fashion boots but i think i forgot my camera at my dads! Hope everyone has a great weekend and sorry no update on Tyler yet, except that his Echo came back normal! Still more doctors to see but until they are scheduled i'm not saying what they are because the one i can't remember! LMAO GOODNIGHT i'm thoroughly exhausted!

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