Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy memorial Day

This has been a long weekend but, incredibly fun and i am sure will even be more fun tomorrow! Friday night i got to go out with an awesome friend of mine whom i have known about 8-10 years. We went to Bandidoes Mexican Restaurant and shared a Fried ice cream and chips while we had some girl talk! Then we went bowling for an hour, she kicked my butt at bowling but it was still a lot of fun and I am glad we got to share that time together!

Today my family and I went to a minor league baseball game (Tin Caps), with a friend of my husbands and his family. Tin caps won and the weather turned out to be great, unfortunately i can say i am glad we were where we were because the weather where we live was not so great. Apparently they had the tornado siren go off today and it just wasn't pretty. Pretty sure no tornado touched down, which is good cause these days its hard to say if you'll be lucky enough to not get hit by a tornado. Unfortunately a town in Michigan that my dad drove through on his way home wasn't as lucky, there were apparently trees and limbs and power out everywhere. I hope everyone stayed safe and no one was harmed by the tornadoes today.

Monday we're going to a cookout at my husbands best friends parents house, who are like family to us. My husband's best friends sister in law and kids will be in town from North Dakota we can't wait to see them! Unfortunately his brother (her husband) isn't able to make the trip this time, as he has to stay home and work. Let's pray the weather is nice for their visit and also back home in North Dakota for their husband/father. Hope you all had a great weekend and happy memorial day!

The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom

Triple Duty

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Pantyline review/giveaway winner!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Review/Giveaway for Love Your Panty Line

Do you like comfortable panties? I do, and as i was looking for reviews to do i found this wonderful Woman Jen Gurecki who has her own business in making panties! I love hot shorts panties and thongs but, the thing i don't prefer about them is they seem to be stuck up your butt most of the time. I found with these panties it wasn't the case. I wore them during the day and to sleep in and never felt like they were too far up my butt to make me uncomfortable. When i washed them three times non of the saying came off! One of my favorite things about these panties is on the tag...Pantyline's Motto is Saving the World Through Panties, what an awesome thing to have your panties say! And their panties are made in the USA! I would definitely recommend these panties to a friend or stranger.
                                  Saving the world through panties!

                                      This was a card that was with the panties and i won 15% off next order from pantyline!

                               American Apparel

Panty extraordinaire Jen Gurecki was creatively inspired to make a statement against the Iraq war in 2006. Over a few bottles of wine with friends, they coined the first Pantyline Productions design: "The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own." Since then, Pantyline has expanded its repertoire to include other cheeky messages, such as "Bon Appetite" and "It's Not That Hard to Find." Here's a reason to feel even better about your purchase: 20% of all sales are donated to a fabulous organization in Kenya that provides life-saving violence and HIV/AIDS prevention education to women and children. Learn more at

Pantyline panties are amazing and i agree have great messages on them. One of my favorites are the KaPow underwear.
The Hot Shorts i reviewed were a medium and said I heart My Vagina (who doesn't!) LOL
Pantyline Productions brings you original, hand screened designs + more:
** Water based inks.
** Sweatshop-free garments.
Price for a pair of Pantyline panties-$5-$18 plus S&H

Giveaway:winner receives a pair of panties from pantyline from the etsy site, their choice color and size and slogan!

Mandatory Entry: please go to Pantyline's Etsy page and tell me your favorite saying and color! With all entries please leave your email so it will be easier for me to let you know if you win!
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   Thank you to everyone for entering and good luck on winning! If you do not win Jen Gurecki is offering my readers 10% off their purchase if you let her know 2 is purrfect sent you! This Review/Giveaway will close on Monday May 23rd, 2011!
If you are following from another blog and not entering the review/giveaway please leave comments on another post! Thank you!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday

Crazy About My Baybah
I've decided to link up for the second time for Toddler Talk Thursday, this is week 38!
Topic this week is Packing for Day Trips!
When leaving the house with my 22 month old i take a vera bradley back pack for his diaper bag. In it i pack diapers, wipes, somtimes an extra set of clothes, a plastic bag (because we cloth diaper and i've yet to get a wet bag), and sunscreen ( in the spring and summer). I really can't wait till the day where we dont have to bring a bag everywhere we go but a back pack is much more convenient then a diaper bag slipping off your shoulder. What are some things you pack in your bag or purse for a day trip with your toddler (s)?

Topic Suggestion for next week: What high calorie foods do your children eat or how do you get high calories into their bodies?  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pooz diaper review/giveaway WINNER

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review/Giveaway for Pooz Cloth Diapers

The next giveaway is sponsored by Pooz Cloth Diapers, owner is Krystal Brown. She decided to start on the cloth diaper journey after having her son who is now 8 months old, she has been cloth diapering him since he was 3 months. She realized cloth diapering wasn't cheap so she decided to start making her own cloth diapers, then she started sharing with friends. Now she has decided to share her goodness with strangers and more friends by creating Pooz Cloth Diapers and opening shop! She has not yet decided when she's going to make her grand entrance but it will be soon as she is making her first stocking right now and already has a sneak peak on her page! She has finally finished all testing and believes her diapers are sell worthy!

Review-I had the great opportunity to review one of the great Pooz Cloth Diapers with my Tyler. The diaper Tyler reviewed was a Ooga Booga OS pocket, with a red fleece inner. The first time he wore it was for bed and had it on for about 9 hours, no leaks with two inserts! The second time he wore it for nap and about a total of 4 hours, no leaks with one insert! ( The inserts were not Pooz Inserts) Overall i definitely would suggest Pooz Cloth Diapers to friends and strangers, i am amazed with the quality and material the is used for these diapers. I will be buying some diapers in the future!

Giveaway- Krystal is offering the lucky winner the same Ooga Booga OS Pocket diaper!
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Good luck everyone and thank you for being a fan of 2 is purrfect! This review/giveaway will be open until May  11th, 2011! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winner of the all natural goat soap!

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