Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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First winner is #29,  

Jackie said...
Google Connect follower: Jackie W. jaxw1208@gmail.com
 Congratulations Jackie you are the first winner....please email me at jnklutz23@yahoo.com and give me your mailing address. Jackie will be receiving a classic rock! You can let me know which you'd prefer but it will be first come first serve so if someone else emails before you do you'll get a different scent! Sorry i only have so many!  Rage against the Raspberries has been chosen!
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winner 2 is #8
Ashley said...
I like Rockin Green on Facebook areichert917@gmail.com
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 3rd winner is #13
Christina Harmelin said...
I liked RNG on FB #2
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Last winner is #10
Knocked Up and Nursing said...
I like RNG on FB #1 sarah brown knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review/Giveaway for Rockin' Green Remix

I had the great opportunity to review Rockin' Green cloth diaper detergent Remix formula! This is a cloth diaper safe detergent but i have heard heard it works well on other laundry and carpet. 
Rockin' Green says "Our detergents are safe for you and the environment. Rockin’ Green is: Dye free, Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin), No fillers, No enzymes or optical brighteners, 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, Great for sensitive skin and much much more."
My kids and husband have very sensitive skin and i have ever only been able to use Tide free or All free detergents for them, i can't even use dryer sheets because it sticks to the dryer and my husband breaks out..even if i don't use it on his clothes. With Rockin' Green i haven't had any issues with it causing any breakouts for anyone!  Rockin' Green has awesome customer service also, i have never had a problem with getting a quick response to any questions I have had since using Rockin' Green.
My favorite scent used to be Rage against the Raspberries, until i did this review. I had switched away from classic because i have a soft water system and my diapers were starting to get stinky even after being washed. Soft Rock Bare Naked babies was working well for me, and leaving my son's diapers smelling fresh after each wash! Rockin' Green sent me several scents in their new formula and a couple Bare naked babies soft rock also. I was going to just continue with the soft rock but decided to try a new scent...and oh man it is delicious smelling! I decided to try the classic rock Lavender Mint Revival Remix..it definitely is minty and clears your sinuses a little when you smell it in the package. But my diapers never smelled more amazing after a wash and a long rinse cycle. I was able to get 3 washes with my HE washer, with this sample. I'm bummed that i am out...and still have over half a bag of my soft rock Bare Naked Babies that i had previously bought. I hope that i run out before he's potty trained, just so i can buy a big bag of Lavender Mint Revival! I am a huge fan of Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper detergent and have used other detergents on my diapers and they never come as clean! Thank you for an awesome product creator of Rockin' Green!!!
Giveaway: I have 4 lovely samples to giveaway to lucky winners!!! (4 winners) 
Scents available: 1 Soft Rock Bare Naked Babies Remix, 1 Classic Rock Rage against the Raspberries Remix, 1 Classic Rock Bare Naked Babies Remix, and 1 Classic Rock Earth Wind and Orchids Remix
Original Price of a sample is $.85 not including shipping ( From Rockin' Green)

 Mandatory Entry:Please make sure to like Rockin' Green's page on Facebook (2 entries)
Entry example- I like rockin' green on facebook! #1 (Please always leave your email or i won't be able to get a hold of you as a winner!)
Extra Entries: Please become a fan on 2 is purrfect facebook page! (1 entry)
                     Please be a Google Connect follower of 2 is purrfect blog! (1 entry) 
                     Please follow Rockin' Green on their twitter page! (1entry) 
                      Please go to the rockin' Green website and tell me what type of water your area has according to the map! (2 entries) 
This Review giveaway will end on  July 12th at or around 9pm EST! Thank you for entering and becoming a fan and follower!! Thank you to Rockin' Green for letting me Review and giveaway your product!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fan tester Fun Winners

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Winner for the 2 Scentsy scents is #1

Christina Harmelin said...
Liked her page on facebook.
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(yes it says there is 16 comments but two people posted twice and there is only one comment per person) 
 Winner for the boy Fleece Trainer is #3
Anonymous said...
I like both as Destiny Dice! dicemd@ligtel.com I would like the boy one! :)
Amber said...
and_amber420@yahoo.com girl please!!!
Congratulations please email sugarbabydiaper@gmail.com to let her know you are the winner! Thank you for playing!!
Cloth Diaper Mom said...
i like 2 purrfect avonrepmi @ gmail.com
Ashley said...
I liked both. areichert917@gmail.com
Congratulations please email matt_sara_mom@yahoo.com to let them know you are the winner of the fitted sized diaper from 2 is purrfect! Thank you for playing!
amanda_snpp said...
I have liked both pages :) amanda_snpp@yahoo.com
Erin Noie Photography said...
I like JOEY dresses and 2 is Purrfect :) erinnoie@hotmail.com
Anonymous said...
i have done all requirments... lynnb70456@yahoo.com