Saturday, October 30, 2010

Testing is done for now

Friday October 29th Tyler had a busy morning, I had to wake him at 7am. His appointment was at 8:15am, we got there a little bit early and had to wait a little bit. Tyler sat in his stroller and enjoyed watching the people around him, he was still pretty tired.
We waited for about 10 minutes and the lady came to get Tyler to do his upper GI, then decided to wait since Tyler had lab work to be done. About 10 minutes later the nurse came to get us for Tyler's lab work, they drew four viles of blood from Tyler but only one full one. She kept saying how she hates taking that much blood from babies and tries to get as least blood possible, or she'll do it in two days. She was supposed to get urine and catheterize him but she said because he hadn't drank anything since before midnight she wouldn't be able to get enough from him that way. So we were sent home with urine bags that tape to him, and she put one on him before we left. Then back out to the waiting room for a little while and then the upper GI lady came again. She took us back to the xray room and started to make Tyler's drink, she mixed it with chocolate mix after asking if i minded. It had a straw and he started to drink it but then that didn't last long, he would take a drink and quit so they weren't able to get the xray with him drinking to watch it go down his throat. He refused to drink laying down! Then i put it in the sippy cup i had brought for his drink after the upper GI was done, since he hadn't had anything to drink yet that morning before hand. He drank most of it out of his sippy cup after i walked the hall with him in his stroller, and she took some belly xrays. Then back to the waiting room....there was a little boy with his parents there for something, he was dressed in his pumpkin Halloween costume it was cute! Tyler was sure glad to have his pediasure in his cup instead of that yucky stuff.... He did great getting the halter monitor on for his 24 hour heart monitoring and he did great with it the rest of the day. I used 3 bags trying to get urine because i didn't think i had enough from the first bag, i never got it on right though so never ended up collecting anymore then 60cc. He slept fine with the halter monitor on, even though the wires and box was all tucked in his jammies!!! Daddy got a twisty tie and tied all the wires together and tucked them in the leg of his one piece jammies! We took the heart monitor back at 9:30am this morning and dropped off the urine sample, which ended up being plenty. Now more waiting to find out results, which i haven't found out any yet.....this waiting game isn't fun. I can't wait till its all done but until then i'm trying to stay positive and hope it all comes back negative and they just realize he's a small baby. Tyler got his hair cut today by Nana Rita and did really well, he looks so cute! Now we're waiting to go trick or treat, guess i should probably get around something for dinner, since we're leaving at 5pm till probably close to 8pm. Have a great rest of the day everyone! Happy Halloween!
ps. sorry for the book! I'm still learning to write these blogs!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today was a very long day....

Today we got up around normal time 8:00am or so, had breakfast and got ready for what i thought wouldn't be too bad of a day. My husband (Nate) calls me before we are ready and grouches about me being still at home and that he hates that i'm never early always on time or late.. yada yada! LOL He also warned me that the winds are really bad, and it will probably slow me down. So we leave and the winds were not bad at all, until i got closer to Fort Wayne, which is 30 minutes from my house. On the way down i keep hearing about tornado warnings but there still wasn't one in Fort Wayne, so i stop for gas because i know i won't make it all the way to the hospital without it. Then after i get gas the rain starts and the closer i get to my dads to drop off Kelsee the worse it gets. By the time i get to my dads i hear over the radio that there is a funnel cloud in the sky spotted by the radar in New haven which is about 10 minutes or so from my dads. I get out of the car and the tornado siren is going off....ahhhhh then i freak! I get the kids in the house and find Rita (my dads girlfriend/best friend) and i ask her why she is not worried about watching the weather and listening for the siren? LOL She tells me i sound like her daughter but maybe its cause we are worried about it, and she'd rather watch the weather come in then worry about it...guess that's an older person's way of looking at it! LOL So i then decided that i was going to cancel the appointment Tyler has at the hospital and wait on hold for about 15 minutes or so, by then everything had calmed down and Rita's daughter is on the phone saying i should just go it is fine over in the area where the hospital is. So i get Tyler and go since i can't get anyone at the hospital on the phone, we showed up a half hour late and the people at the front desk send me to an elevator that looks like a house to go to Pediatric floor. I stand there for about 10 minutes and a few people came and waited but left, little did i know the elevator was down due to power being out in part of the hospital. So i go to another elevator and it works, then i get up there and have no idea where to go......a nice man helped me half of the way, but then i pass the house elevator and go through a door and again am lost and there's no lights on. Another nice man came out the doors i was supposed to go through and helped me figure out where to go. Its even darker in the Pediatric outpatient office...and there's no one there to register Tyler. About 10 minutes go by and finally the registration lady is back, she registers Tyler all by hand of course because there's no power and at this point they were saying it would still be down for 30-45 minutes. Then after all the paperwork was filed out she took us downstairs to the lab hallway, where i waited another 5 minutes or so for that lady to come. So by now i've been at the hospital for about 30 or so minutes and Tyler is getting antsy sitting in one place, then the lady explains what the Sweat test (chloride test) is for and how its done, and tells me we'll have to wait 30 minutes after she gets it started. YIPPEE! The lady cleans Tylers left arm, and places to electrodes to his arm (negative and positive) and leaves it on which is hooked to some machine for 5 minutes. When she takes them off the one closest to his arm left a red square which is normal, then she cleaned his arm again and put a piece of gauze over the red square on his arm and wraps several pieces of tape over it, so that no air can get in. Then she says it must be taken off in exactly 30 minutes, so i set an alarm on my phone for 1:20pm and went down to the cafeteria for some food to keep Tyler occupied. We finally left the hospital about 1:45pm, so we were there for almost 2 hours. Tyler and I got back to my dads to get Kelsee at 2pm, and i totally spaced on their 2 o'clock appointment at the pediatricians office for shots and and ear recheck for Kelsee, until 2:40pm. So i call the office and they were still able to get an appointment for the kids at 3pm, so i rush over there and was 5 minutes late and then waited another 10 minutes or so to be seen. Kelsee's ear's both look great no infection! Tyler did well with both his shots, and got a spiderman band aid and a bumble bee (from Transformers) band aid.
Here's a look at his spider man one before bed, he'd already torn the other one off. I tried to get a picture of the gunk on his arm that the tape left behind but it wouldn't come out good! Back to the appointment...Kelsee was next for a flu shot, and boy did she not want that shot. The whole time we were waiting for the doctor to come in, she kept saying and even cried at one time, i don't want a flu shot. But with her going to preschool i really think its safer for her to be protected. The nurse comes in the room, and Kelsee hides under the desk, i get her out and put her on the table and she's seen the shot. The nurse and i had to hold her down and take her pants down for her, so that she could get her shot on her what a nightmare that was. She almost kicked the nurse in the face and i'm sure the nurses ears were ringing when she got done with Kelsee's shot. Finally the day was coming to an end, and we were on our way home around 4:15pm. We came home got Nate and went to dinner with some family, dinner was oh so delicious and the kids behaved fairly decently! It was great to see family that we hadn't seen most of the year but by 8pm we were all ready to get out of there and head home. The kids were in bed almost as soon as we got home but before they went to bed Tyler played a little while Kelsee got ready!So glad the day finally ended, tomorrow i will hopefully find out the results of the Cystic Fibrosis test! Sorry this was so long, i hope i didn't bore everyone who read it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Its MONDAY....

We are finally home from a trip to my father in law's. We left Wednesday for Michigan and got home yesterday afternoon, it was a nice trip! This week we've decided to start getting back on track with meal planning and eating healthier, and i am going to try to actually cook...! I don't cook too often, except things that don't need cooking like hamburger helper, or things you heat in the oven or on the stove. Should be interesting but i have picked an easy recipe so hopefully it turns out well! Not sure how i am going to have time to cook, with all the running around this week with appointments for Tyler. Today is kind of a more relaxed day except i had to do necessary house chores and make a few phone calls this morning while Kelsee was at the pumpkin patch with her class. Tomorrow the kids and I will be getting up early to take Kelsee to Grandpa's so Nana Rita can watch her while Tyler goes and does his sweat test, the testing for Cystic Fibrosis. Then in the afternoon Kelsee has a ear recheck and is getting a flu shot, and Tyler is getting caught up on his shots, so he'll get two. Wednesday, Kelsee is back to school and it should be a fairly normal day for Tyler and I. Thursday Kelsee has her class Halloween party, she'll be taking in Halloween tattoo's for her classmates! She'll be staying the night with her grandma Linda Thursday because Tyler and I will be getting up early Friday morning to go get his upper GI done at 8:15am. He'll also be having blood drawn for some lab tests they want to run on him, and he'll be catheterized to get a urine sample. After all that he'll be getting a halter monitor to monitor his heart for twenty-four hours. Saturday couldn't come any sooner could it? I'm ready for this week to be over and it has only just begun.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Todays a day....

Last week ended kinda interesting and made me have a lot on my mind for the weekend. I thought today i'd have the chance to relax and stay home all day but, Tyler was super fussy and barely ate anything. So my husband Nate decided i should make a doctors appointment with his pediatrician to make sure he didn't have an ear infection, he's been pulling at his ear lately. So at 12pm i made an appointment for 4:15pm which gave me plenty of time to be lazy before 2:30pm. Before i go onto what happened at lunch, let me rewind back to Friday....Tyler went to a Pediatric Gastrointologist for his issues with gaining weight. Tyler only weighed 17lbs 8oz which means he's only gained 6 oz since his 15 month appointment which was about 3 weeks ago. So the doctor is definitely worried and says he wants to do more blood tests, other then the ones Tyler's normal pediatrician has done. He also wants to do a test where he swallows some liquid and they watch it through some sort of xray as it goes down his throat, to make sure nothing is blocking his swallowing, and a urine culture which they are going to have to catheterize him this is all going to be done November 12th. He also ordered a sweat test to be done, to test him for Cystic Fibrosis, which is going to be done next Tuesday October 26th. He has prescribed a medicine for him that will give him an appetite but also make him tired, so he'll take it for bed and it will help with his appetite during the day hopefully. I haven't went and picked that up yet, so i don't know if it works, but we'll know this week because i'm picking it up tomorrow. So all this information is kind of all overwhelming and my husband tells me to not worry until we get bad results...really? How does one not worry when their little guy has to go through so much at only 16 months old? Fast forward back to today....Tyler was given three choices of food to eat at lunch, macaroni with butter and Parmesan cheese, Campbell's chicken noodle o's, and Oatmeal, he wouldn't eat but one bite of each. How is he ever going to gain weight if i can't get him to eat, even with giving him two of his normally favorite things? So after he wouldn't eat, i figure well he's drinking his pediasure well, i won't worry about it and put him down for his nap. Got him up around 3pm and headed to the doctor, he was not a happy camper but both Kelsee and Tyler slept almost the whole car ride to the Pediatricians office. He gets checked over and no ear infection, so wasted trip but we're going away soon and better safe then sorry. I go to pick up his prescription from the G I doctor for the increase in appetite and find out they sent it to the wrong CVS, which is why i'm getting it tomorrow. Because by then it was after 5 and we were all hungry and live a half hour from where we were at. We get home and Nate has dinner done, so we sit down and Tyler ate a really good dinner.....apparently he'll eat good for daddy! :) Hopefully tommorow is a better day for his eating habits and Kelsee gets good feedback from her allergy doctor! Good night everyone, sorry if this is all over the place, this is my first time ever writing a blog!