Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hyper active and moody at the same time?

My day was calm until my  miss Kelsee came home with her dad after he got off work. She stayed at grandma's last night and was there till about 4pm today. First thing she was doing when they got home was trying to get candy out of daddy's pocket but we typically eat at 5pm so he was telling her no. Next thing i know she's over on the love seat bawling cause she wants candy. Really? LOL Then once she got over that she was bouncing off the walls and hyper as all get out and, wouldn't settle down for anything. Then next thing that happened was Tyler had grabbed my friends little girls gloves off the stand that she left yesterday and was playing with them. Nate had her take them from him and bring them to me, well i told her put them back on the stand and she started to repeat what Nate said, i told her i heard and she still went on repeating him so i yelled at her cause i was a little annoyed and a little tired next thing i hear is Nate telling me to calm down and she was in her room crying again? What is the deal with that, must be a new thing cause she makes us yell alot and never crys. She got in trouble alot tonight and cried alot also, i think she was just overly tired from all the fun she had at grandma's house! 
Nate and i finally got caught up on laundry folding this evening before the kids were put to bed...i hate folding laundry! LOL So now i can get caught up on my laundry, i haven't been doing as much cause both baskets were full and so i've only been doing a load a day so i only have to fold the load on the bed! LOL Washed some of the kids clothes from Christmas and the other load is in the dryer of the rest of their new Christmas clothes! Both kids wore new jammies to bed and of course i got some pictures!!Which i wanted to upload but apparently my computer isn't gonna let me, my signal is poor! I will just download them to my fb tomorrow if i get a chance but they are totally cute pictures! So if your a friend of mine on Facebook you'll see them in the Tyler and Kelsee folders! Tyler is wearing very soft a warm jammies, that really aren't jammies its a one piece outfit but he doesn't wear those anymore and it was too cute to pass up. Its his second one piece outfit that i've bought that i use as jammies! LOL Then Kelsee has on ICarly Jammies that she got from her daddy, i'm not a fan of her watching Icarly but he has let her for so long its a lost cause. She was being a major ham for pictures tonight, so i got some really good ones of her. Then i got one of Tyler where he's saying cheese...its so cute. He's starting to pick up a word a week i swear, his vocabulary has skyrocketed in the last three weeks, he must say about 6 new words! Its awesome, cause we were starting to worry about his speech, he was only saying like 3. Alright well its getting late and i want to be in bed before midnight tonight! LOL Its 11:41pm....not much time! Have a good day tomorrow everyone!

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  1. When Wyatt gets tired he gets hyper and moody. It gets crazy in here sometimes!