Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday spirit!

I have no holiday spirit! LOL I've been trying to get some but its just not happening, i've been listening to Christmas music in the vehicle every time i drive, which is alot. Still no Christmas tree in our house, and there probably won't be one this year, but there are stockings above the fireplace! And i've thought about hanging lights on the mantle, maybe i'll do that tomorrow! LOL We don't spend Christmas at our house, so really the no tree is not a huge deal, my kids still see a tree at grandpa's house and his is real. My husband and I spent two hours last Friday wrapping gifts, so glad to have that done with! We already celebrated one Christmas with my mom, step dad, Brason (their foster son), my brother and his family, last Saturday. This week we will be going to my dads Christmas eve possibly staying the night, and then eating an nontraditional Christmas dinner at 12pm, and opening presents with my dad, his g/f, my little sister, and my dads g/fs kids at 1pm. Then we might go to my husbands best friends parents house to spend some time with their family and get the kids gifts from them, they are Nate's second family, since all his are out of state. Then we're not celebrating with Nate's dad until January 8th, because we're busy up until then, and he lives in Michigan.

     I got a sewing machine for Christmas (technically thanksgiving) and i'm so excited to learn to sew cloth diapers. My first attempt at a newborn diaper was miserable, and i didn't take any pictures. I made a couple cloth wipes with the extra fabric that i had left over from the first diaper, and then i got a different fabric out and made another newborn diaper for my daughters dolls. Here's how it turned out........

I'm pretty proud that i'm getting better at making them. I'm going to add velcro tomorrow, it will be my first time attempting that! LOL Wish me luck! For having not sewn since 6th grade, i think i'm doing fairly well. My husband learned alot about the machine and different settings when looking into buying it for me, so when we first opened it he played around with it, while i watched. And if i have a problem with threading the bobbin or something its nice that he can help! If there's anyone who reads this that sews and has pointers, i'd be open to hearing them!
Alright well I'd better get to bed, but before i go to bed i'd like to request a few prayers. A friend of mine's daughter had more tests done today with her blood, she's had a pic line in and went today to see about getting it taken out i do believe, and now they think she might have something else going on with her blood. Please pray its nothing serious and that she gets the pic line taken out before Christmas, she's had it for two weeks, going on three! Second i'd like another prayer request for another friend of mine, her mom is having surgery on a heart valve (pretty sure that's what it is) tomorrow, and i would just ask that you keep her in your thoughts in the morning and that everything goes smoothly. Their family has been through alot this month already, they need good news before the holidays! Ok one more, another friend of mine needs your prayers and thoughts for her dad, he had surgery today. So far he's doing well but you just never know, i ask that you make healing prayers and that he continues to do well in his recovery! Thank you everyone and have a wonderful evening!!

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