About me

I am a Stay at home mother of two beautiful kids! I have been married to my husband for 10 years, anniversary is September 10! I am enjoying being a stay at home mom again and running my own daycare. When my youngest started preschool I started working outside of the home. I worked outside of the home for three years and decided this past spring to go back to what I know best. I went back to college but currently am undecided again. I am also a Young Living essential oils consultant.

My daughter is now in the fourth grade and going to be in the double digits this year for age. Where does the time go? She is an excellent student and excelling well in school. She is ornery and still very energetic. Being a big sister isn't always easy but I'm pretty sure she would not change having her brother around. They are like normal siblings and fight a lot but still love eachother.
My little boy is not so little anymore, he's in 1st grade.😢 While I love watching the kids grow up I wish it didn't happen so fast. He is my little love bug and a huge momma's boy. He has kind of an angry side to him and we are hoping he grows out of it soon. He isn't crazy about school but he is doing well. Im excited to continue to watch him grow into a great young man.