Saturday, November 6, 2010

Really quick

Tyler's tests all came back, except one. They were all negative or normal. so far. The only one we're waiting on now is the halter monitor, hopefully we'll get that Monday! This was a slow week until Wednesday, Tyler started coming down with something, and puked a half hour after dinner. Thursday was fine, except a low grade fever from Tyler and really small appetite. Early Thursday morning Kelsee woke up at 1:00am and just said she needed a drink and i put her back to bed. She was up again at 1:20am and apparently i fell back asleep quick, then she was telling daddy she was hungry and thirsty, so he got her a few goldfish crackers and a quick drink and put her back to bed. Again at 1:45am she was up and telling up she puked in her we changed her sheets, and her jammies and put her back to bed. Not 10 minutes later she was in our room again complaining her chest hurt and daddy took her back to her room, where she puked again on her bed. So a new change of sheets, and new shirt, and she was in the bathroom puking again. She by then had woke Tyler because their bedrooms are right outside of the bathroom, and she was still complaining her chest hurt. Tyler had also puked in his bed so i changed his jammies and sheet, and by then daddy had decided we were going to take Kelsee to the Er. The longer we took to leave the more i could tell the last time Kelsee said her chest was hurting and didn't puke, she was faking and we decided that i'd just take both kids to the dr in the later morning. So after daddy had called into work, we decided that he'd better go since we weren't taking Kelsee to the ER, not 5 minutes after he left Kelsee tried to pull a fast one on me and tell me her chest hurt. Daddy left for work at 4am, Kelsee was back up and had puked a little in her bed by 5:30am, so i put a towel in her bed since it wasn't a lot and only on her sheet, she changed her shirt again...and went back to bed. She was back in my room around 6:30am saying that she had just got done puking in the toilet, atleast she finally was awake enough to make it on her own but....she had woken her brother in the process. Tried to get her to go back to bed but she was wanting to sleep with me, and i said no way your puking, so i made her a bed with blankets on my floor. By 7:30am Tyler had still not went back to sleep, only calmed down for a little while, and she was also still awake so we all got up and started our day. She puked another atleast three to four times before i finally got us in the car and on our way to the doctor. Seems like every time she took a drink of her water or 7up she puked, so in the car i would not let her have a drink, but as soon as we got to the doctor she got a small drink. She wouldn't even walk so i had to put her in the stroller and Tyler in my arms, not an easy task. She puked again in the doctors office, just as the doctor and the med student came in to look at the kids and tell me they had the flu. That poor med student was the one that caught her puke in a little pink bowl, he looked so uncomfortable doing it. lol She puked on the way home in the little pink bowl, and then once again shortly after we got home. Neither her nor Tyler have puked since, and today they both ate normal and drank normal, so they are back to normal. This morning i wasn't feeling so hot and pretty nauseous, so i layed around most of the morning, my husband made me take pepto bismal and an advil for my 99.1 temp. He went out for 3 hours and when he came back said he wasn't feeling so hot, he's since then took a hot shower and is wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt because he's freezing but won't take his temp because i won't clean the thermometer tip for him....MEN! He's also puked since then, so i'm pretty sure he's now caught the darn flu also...ugh i just hope we are all much better by Monday and i can clean my house and sterilize for next Saturday!!!! Sorry it took so long for all of you who have been wandering how Tyler's been doing, besides having the flu he's been great. He's weighing 18lbs now, but i don't feel that the appetite enhancing medicine is helping, so i'm going to ask when we go to the dr with him next Friday how long they will leave him on it, if its not making him want to eat more? Well i better get to sleep, with losing an hour in our time, who knows what time the kids will wake up. And better get my husband to bed since he's fallen asleep on the couch. Good night everyone!

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