Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another long day.....

Sorry if you get lost, i really try not to jump around a lot but this one might, i'm still learning to write these and make perfect sense to other people.
Yesterday i got a phone call from Tyler's pediatricians office at 4:50pm, it was one of the nurses and before she even told me why she was calling she sounded super nervous, which made me nervous. She said hi i'm calling from Dr. steigmeyer's office and um... long pause, i'm calling about Tyler got his halter monitor results back and um...another pause, the Cardiologist from Riley feels there is something to worry about. My heart felt like it fell out of my chest, of course i don't want to assume the worst but...that's my baby she's referring to. So she goes on to say that he needs to be seen by a Cardiologist, and she doesn't know the details any more then that. Luckily for us, there was a Riley Cardiologist going to be in the office today, so i made plans for Kelsee to get to school with my mom and made the appointment for 12:15pm. I was a wreck and totally crappy to my family the rest of the night, i felt bad for not being nice but i just got told something is possibly wrong with my babies heart. It wasn't really that i was mean, i was just snapping at everyone and had no patience what so ever. Today Tyler was up at 7am, i did some cleaning around the house and took Kelsee to my mom's around 10:45am. By the time I got in the area for the doctor's appointment i was a half hour early, didn't do it on purpose but Nate of course said at least your not late. (i have a habit of that :) LOL) We get there wait about 15 minutes or so and are finally called, the nurse checks him out, measures him and says he's 30inches i say out loud hmmm Tyler you shrunk a 1/4 of an inch. So she remeasured him and got the right measurement, then off to the scale he weighed 18lbs 1oz. Finally the Cardiologist comes in and looks him over, and then starts to tell us what they are worried about down at Riley. His heart rate is a lot slower for his age, then it should be. When he was sleeping his heart rate dropped all the way down to 40 and should be more like 75 and, the highest it was when he was awake was 115 and should be closer to 150-175. She proceeds to say that she'd like to get an ultrasound done on his heart and think about monitoring him for more then 24 hours, more like 2 weeks or so. She is waiting on the ultrasound to figure out how we would do the monitoring if needed because, the machine is pretty large and he wouldn't be able to carry it around with him, or play like normal. She then talks briefly about if they find nothing wrong with his heart and no reason to believe he's not gaining weight normal or that his heart rate would be so low, they might put a pacemaker on him. SAY WHAT? So now i'm stressing over this pacemaker idea, my little son is only almost 17 months old..... We've also been stressing about the G-tube that the gastrointoligist might possibly bring up again tomorrow at his appointment with Tyler. I really think if it comes down to it, i'll be getting a second opinion for both because, although i want the best for my son, those just sound really invasive for surgery and very scary with such a tiny little guy. After the appointment, the hospital which is around the corner was able to get us in for a heart ultrasound (echo), that wait took forever. We sat in a dark room, watching Dora while Tyler sat with me on a hospital bed munching on animal cookies, and then got a sucker which he didn't end up wanting. He did pretty good for staying still for the technician but i'd say the ultrasound took about half hour to forty five minutes. It was a rather long day, and i was so glad to leave the hospital and come home. Only to clean the house and cook dinner, but sure beats a hospital or doctor's office!
On a happier note, my house is spotless at the moment and i'm super excited to see it so clean at the same time, i'm thinking no one better mess it up in the few hours we'll be home tomorrow! LOL I'm having a few ladies over on Saturday, and hopefully taking my mind off things for a little while, while the kids go to grandpa's for the night. Sorry so long, thank you everyone that wanted to know before i posted for waiting patiently. Still trying to process everything, and i'd even thought about not writing this till tomorrow.


  1. Sorry to hear the news! :( I hope when they recheck it's better results :(

  2. We have our fingers crossed for him Jen. Hopefully the next set of tests will show that he's fine. Thank you for keeping us informed, I know Jona and I don't keep in touch as well as we should... Give both the little ones hugs and kisses from us!

  3. Thank you both for your thoughts, im hoping it all comes back fine too! Will do stef, thanks!