Sunday, November 14, 2010

Doctor's, Doctor's and more Doctor's

This is an older picture but here are Tyler's new slippers he got from daddy when he had the flu a week ago!
Friday Tyler went to the gastrointologist for a 4 week checkup, his scale weighed him as being 18.3lbs, which means he only gained 20kilograms. The doctor decided to wait till the heart test results come back and see if there is anything wrong with his heart causing him to be so tiny and not gain weight. If there is nothing wrong with his heart causing his pettiness, he wants to send him to an endocrinologist for testing with his glands and more on the elevated phosphorous levels that Tyler has. (Nate expressed yesterday that he isn't crazy about this idea, and so we may get a second opinion before he goes to that doctor) If nothing comes from the endocrinologist then the doctor would like to do a NG tube, which goes through his nose and is a tube that we would use to feed him an extra meal after he was asleep at night. I'm not crazy about this being put in my son's nose or body for that matter, i honestly don't think he needs it. So i expressed to Nate last night that if it comes down to that, i'd like to get a second opinion. I talked to a friends mom who's baby (who is now deceased for other reasons) had one of these NG tubes, and she inserted into his nose each time she had to give him a feeding because she felt like it was really uncomfortable for the baby. That was before they found out the genetic disease he had, that killed him at age 2, but wow the way she described it, i'm really leaning more towards not doing it. I know that if he has to have it, i guess i'll just get used to it but wow its so scary to think about my baby having a tube tucked behind his ear and going through his nose, for two months. My sweet Tyler is such a happy baby, and seems so healthy except that he's way smaller then a usual 17 month old. Tomorrow i hope to get his results back from the Echo he had done last Thursday, i will try to update when i get them. Thanks for all the prayers and please continue them if you could, i truly believe God will make this all right.

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