Saturday, October 30, 2010

Testing is done for now

Friday October 29th Tyler had a busy morning, I had to wake him at 7am. His appointment was at 8:15am, we got there a little bit early and had to wait a little bit. Tyler sat in his stroller and enjoyed watching the people around him, he was still pretty tired.
We waited for about 10 minutes and the lady came to get Tyler to do his upper GI, then decided to wait since Tyler had lab work to be done. About 10 minutes later the nurse came to get us for Tyler's lab work, they drew four viles of blood from Tyler but only one full one. She kept saying how she hates taking that much blood from babies and tries to get as least blood possible, or she'll do it in two days. She was supposed to get urine and catheterize him but she said because he hadn't drank anything since before midnight she wouldn't be able to get enough from him that way. So we were sent home with urine bags that tape to him, and she put one on him before we left. Then back out to the waiting room for a little while and then the upper GI lady came again. She took us back to the xray room and started to make Tyler's drink, she mixed it with chocolate mix after asking if i minded. It had a straw and he started to drink it but then that didn't last long, he would take a drink and quit so they weren't able to get the xray with him drinking to watch it go down his throat. He refused to drink laying down! Then i put it in the sippy cup i had brought for his drink after the upper GI was done, since he hadn't had anything to drink yet that morning before hand. He drank most of it out of his sippy cup after i walked the hall with him in his stroller, and she took some belly xrays. Then back to the waiting room....there was a little boy with his parents there for something, he was dressed in his pumpkin Halloween costume it was cute! Tyler was sure glad to have his pediasure in his cup instead of that yucky stuff.... He did great getting the halter monitor on for his 24 hour heart monitoring and he did great with it the rest of the day. I used 3 bags trying to get urine because i didn't think i had enough from the first bag, i never got it on right though so never ended up collecting anymore then 60cc. He slept fine with the halter monitor on, even though the wires and box was all tucked in his jammies!!! Daddy got a twisty tie and tied all the wires together and tucked them in the leg of his one piece jammies! We took the heart monitor back at 9:30am this morning and dropped off the urine sample, which ended up being plenty. Now more waiting to find out results, which i haven't found out any yet.....this waiting game isn't fun. I can't wait till its all done but until then i'm trying to stay positive and hope it all comes back negative and they just realize he's a small baby. Tyler got his hair cut today by Nana Rita and did really well, he looks so cute! Now we're waiting to go trick or treat, guess i should probably get around something for dinner, since we're leaving at 5pm till probably close to 8pm. Have a great rest of the day everyone! Happy Halloween!
ps. sorry for the book! I'm still learning to write these blogs!

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