Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tylers adventure to the Children's hospital

Tyler took another trip to the Riley Children's hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, to see a developmental pediatrician specialist. The appointment was at 10:30am and its about a 2 1/2 hour drive, so we got up at 5am and got Tyler up at 6am, just to get his diaper changed and put him the car. He did not go back to sleep right away like we thought he would but he did about an hour into the trip, only for about 1/2 hour or so. We ran into some traffic about 20 minutes from the hospital but still got there forty five minutes early. I had to fill out paperwork and some of the questions i had no idea...for instance one question was about milestones and it wanted to know when he started actually knowing the word "NO"? I am thinking it was around 18 months but that is not really a milestone i write in the baby book to remember! LOL
Tyler weighed 22lbs and was 33 1/2 inches long, which makes him 5% on the weight chart and 30% on the height chart! That is great news for his weight cause he has been under the chart for quite some time and too finally be on it again is AWESOME! The doctor asked all sorts of questions and looked Tyler over, sometimes he would make like a sour face but wouldn't say anything. One of the questions was if he chokes when he drinks, Nate's answer was yes especially when he drinks water. Now we have to take him down to Riley June 24th because the doctor wants to make sure the liquids aren't going down the wrong pipe and going into his lungs, this could cause him to not gain weight and grow the way he should. The only reason we're getting him to gain weight so rapidly lately is because of his high calorie diet and the appetite medicine he is on.
For now the doctor has advised that Tyler not drink much water and be on a pediasure diet instead. He wants him to drink 3 pediasures a day and to get 1500 calories in his body a day. The pediasure does that if he gets 3 a day but wow that's a lot of money for those drinks. Luckily there is another drink that they had coupons for that has the same calories and we got $3 off for a few sets of them (hopefully he likes them). They also gave us a powder substance that is like sugar that you add to foods and drinks, Duo-cal. Hopefully with all these extra calories, Tyler will start to bulk up like they think he should...even though genetically i don't think he is supposed to be very big. Here's hoping they just leave him alone soon and accept that he's not gonna be big and tall!
It was a long morning but we got home about 3pm and Tyler napped on the way home, so it made the ride easier!
He had to get a halter monitor for his heart on Friday morning and had it for 24 hours, i am guessing him pressing buttons on it didn't effect it cause they never called and said we had to redo it! That is great news because i didn't really wanna deal with it again for another 6 months! LOL He sees the heart doctor July 7th, i will let you all know how that appointment goes!
Sorry so long!

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