Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy memorial Day

This has been a long weekend but, incredibly fun and i am sure will even be more fun tomorrow! Friday night i got to go out with an awesome friend of mine whom i have known about 8-10 years. We went to Bandidoes Mexican Restaurant and shared a Fried ice cream and chips while we had some girl talk! Then we went bowling for an hour, she kicked my butt at bowling but it was still a lot of fun and I am glad we got to share that time together!

Today my family and I went to a minor league baseball game (Tin Caps), with a friend of my husbands and his family. Tin caps won and the weather turned out to be great, unfortunately i can say i am glad we were where we were because the weather where we live was not so great. Apparently they had the tornado siren go off today and it just wasn't pretty. Pretty sure no tornado touched down, which is good cause these days its hard to say if you'll be lucky enough to not get hit by a tornado. Unfortunately a town in Michigan that my dad drove through on his way home wasn't as lucky, there were apparently trees and limbs and power out everywhere. I hope everyone stayed safe and no one was harmed by the tornadoes today.

Monday we're going to a cookout at my husbands best friends parents house, who are like family to us. My husband's best friends sister in law and kids will be in town from North Dakota we can't wait to see them! Unfortunately his brother (her husband) isn't able to make the trip this time, as he has to stay home and work. Let's pray the weather is nice for their visit and also back home in North Dakota for their husband/father. Hope you all had a great weekend and happy memorial day!

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