Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review for a Dry Seat sponsored by Sunshine Kids Juvenile products

I had the opportunity to review a dry seat a few months ago but hadn't put the review up yet, so here it is. This is a waterproof pad that you put inside the car seat to protect it from wetness. At the time my son was leaking out of his diapers a lot and it was getting frustrating having to wash the cover every other trip we took in the car. I saw the opportunity on their facebook page to review a Dry Seat and took it. I have not only not washed the cover once since receiving because it hasn't been dirty but it also hasn't been wet. This Dry Seat soaks up water great. Just for fun I have posted a picture of my little guy sleeping in his Sunshine Radian 80, sorry don't have any pictures anymore of the Dry Seat in his seat must have deleted them before i put them on my home computer. Here is a link to see what it looks like. It has been a blessing for me and if you have a sunshine seat and have wetness problems I would definitely tell you to invest in one.
Cost of a Dry Seat is $8.99 and you'll find it on the Sunshine Kids website in the Car seat accessories.

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