Monday, September 5, 2011

Blog featured this week! YAY!!!

The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom

I am excited to be the featured blog for Mom Blog Monday with Not so Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom, Luxury Living Frugal Style and So Easy Being Green as the hosts! Thank you for letting me be the featured blog this week it is an honor!

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend, mine was long! We went to Michigan Thursday evening which is a 4 hour trip from where we live. Then Friday at 4pm we had a wedding to attend to which was another 45 minute drive from where we were staying. We had a great time visiting with family and it was a beautiful wedding! Our daughter Kelsee especially had a lot of fun, cause she doesn't see or play with her cousins that often!
We stayed one more night at my husbands grandfathers and spent the day Saturday at his house also. The kids and I got to meet my husbands Aunt Dawn and Uncle Bob..they are from Florida! Yes...we've been married for almost 6 years (next Saturday) and this was my first time meeting them! What can ya do...we've never been at the same place yet so far! Kelsee was absolutely in love with their two dogs Oz and Lady both way bigger then our Chihuahua that we have at home!
This picture is of Aunt Dawn, Kelsee, Tyler and Uncle Bob with grandpa Price and Oz in the background!
Saturday early evening we loaded in the car again and headed for my father in laws, which is 30 minutes from grandpas house. He also has big dogs (2 labs and a standard poodle), my kids thoroughly enjoy going there because of the big dogs! Sunday we rode four wheelers but unfortunately no pictures this time. We also had a campfire in the afternoon on Sunday and cooked hot dogs and got to visit with Uncle Jason (my husbands brother), Aunt Diana, Mara and Noah for a little while. For dinner we had Pizza Hut...yum stuffed crust! :) Then we went back to my father in law's and watched Diary of  A Wimpy Kid with Kelsee and Tyler (cute movie). After the kids were both in bed and the father in law was in bed my husband and i watched Hall Pass. Interesting movie, not sure what my opinion of it is, it was funny but a little odd. I'm pretty sure my husband and I will not be doing a Hall Pass anytime soon! LOL We got home tonight just before bedtime and hurried and got the kiddo's ready for bed and put to bed!
Now i'm the only one still up and the house is completely dark! Guess i better go to bed cause tomorrow starts another day of getting up at 6:30am to get my Kindergartner ready and too school! Hope you all enjoy my blogging and continue to follow it after this week! I do awesome reviews and giveaways and i should have one coming up soon (finishing one from earlier this summer) for a bankie!


  1. Nice to meet you! Sounds like you had a fun and full week! I haven't seen Hall Pass yet but don't really want to once I found out what it was about, haha.

    Visiting and following you from Mom Blog Monday!

  2. Congrats on being featured! How exciting for you!

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  3. Really cute background!

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