Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night Nate and I went to Indianapolis early so that we'd beat the bad weather, in case it truly got bad. Kelsee stayed at her grandmas and we took Chance (our dog) to my dads! LOL He needs a babysitter too, he wouldn't have lasted that long by himself he's only a Chihuahua! We left my dads around 7pm and headed to Indianapolis, it was a 2 1/2 hour drive. The roads weren't bad at all a little icy and you could sometimes feel the wheels shift on the black ice under a overpass but other then that it was smooth sailing, we got to the hotel at 9:30pm. We were hungry when we got there even though we'd eaten around 6:30pm on the way to taking chance to my dads, so we finally decided to order Papa John's and have it delivered at 10pm, they said it would be an hour wait. So we were watching "What about Mary" (Hilarious movie) and next thing we know its 11:20pm still no pizza, so Nate calls and asks why we haven't gotten our delivery and the guy says well i was at the hotel and you gave us the wrong last name and the wrong room number???? WHAT, seriously how would he have given them the wrong last name? He paid for it with his debit card we dont' have money to just throw away for some prank??? So the driver looks Nate up in the computer....Guess what right last name, cell number and right room number. Grrrrr but then come to find out the pizza isn't even made right, so at this point Nate just tells him to cancel the order cause we're going to bed. I really wanted some papa john's pizza we haven't had it in ages, and its my favorite and we've sorta been eating healthy at home so we won't be having it anytime soon. So we continued to watch the movie and i notice Tyler is sitting up on Nate's bed just as still as can be, i was going to leave him there and see if he'd fall asleep but Nate had a bright idea that we should just turn the movie off and put him in his play pen. Well (don't judge me) but Tyler CIO's when he goes to bed, and with us being in the same room he was screaming even louder then usual and daddy only lasted maybe 2 minutes and he'd gotten him out and put Tyler in bed with him. I tried telling him it wouldn't work, the time by now was 12:30am.....Tyler didn't go to bed till 1am when i finally told Nate just put him in his playpen he'll be fine and if someone in the hotel knocks on the door we'll have to think of something else. Within two minutes or so Tyler had cried and went to sleep. I took a few pictures out the window of our hotel at 11:30pm. We were right across the street from Riley hospital which made it convenient in the morning, since the alarm went off repeatedly and  no one woke up, well  was awake but just let them go off and shut off on their own! LOL We got up at 8:15am finally and got our showers, and woke Tyler up, we were at the hospital right on time 9:30am. They had Nate fill out a paper about Tyler's health history and other stuff while we waited, and then we went back and got Tyler's weight and height, in the Cardiologist office he was 20lbs 9oz and 30 1/2 inches tall. Then we were taken back to the room and the nurse ran an EKG on him, which turned out normal. The doctor's med student came in first talk to us, listened to Tyler's heart and then left to get the doctor. Doctor came in talked to us about Tyler's 2nd degree heart block, which was nice cause up till now we had no idea what it meant. He showed us his results from his 24 hour halter monitor the other Cardiologist did in November and said that his brain sends signals to the heart to have an up beat, down beat and then they meet together. Well occasionally Tyler's heart will signal will get sent to slow and his heart will skip the down beat like every second beat but they only noticed it while he was sleeping, and said it is caused because of his heart rate being so low. The cardiologist assured us its nothing to freak out about, and they will keep an eye on it every 6 months but most of the time people grow out of something like this. So we got sent home with another 24 hour heart halter monitor on Tyler, which he had to wear the rest of the day today. We are to send it in the mail in a UPS envelope they sent home with us, and when we're ready to mail it we call the UPS and they will send
 someone to come pick up the envelope from our house. Relieved that its nothing serious and we don't have to think about a pacemaker.After they put the halter monitor on him we went downstairs inside Riley Hospital and had McDonald's for lunch, Tyler sat on the statue of Ronald MacDonald for a picture while we waited on our food. That place was packed so it took a little while! LOL

He wasn't sure what to think of Ronald! You can sorta see the bulge on the left side of his onesie from his heart halter monitor, the box that keeps the information, she had it tucked up inside the webbed stretchy shirt she put on under his onesie to keep him from trying to take the wires off. After lunch we went up to the third floor and waited for an hour and half until we could sign up him for his next appointment with Endocrinologist which was at 2pm. They called us back at 1:40pm but the Doctor still didn't come in the room till 2:15pm. The Endocrinologist doctor seems to think his weight gain has nothing to do with hormones or glands, but she is going to have some tests run when he goes back to Riley for the Genetics appointment in February. She did it that way so he doesn't have to have blood drawn so close together more then once, cause his appointment is in three weeks. We finally left the hospital around 3pm, and made it out of Indianapolis before rush hour....woo hoo! We were home and had Kelsee from grandma's by 6pm, so we got to spend a few hours with the kids before bedtime. Tyler refused bedtime at first probably because his schedule was so messed up from yesterday and today. He napped on the way home between 3-5pm, and he usually naps from 1-4pm. Today was a busy day and I'm thoroughly exhausted but had to write this before i forgot everything that went on today! LOL Here are some pictures of the kid's tonight before they went to bed, including one of Tyler's heart monitor in case you didn't see it the first time he wore one. Sounds like they may do this every 6 months, good thing we can meet up with one of the Cardiologists from Indianapolis at the kids Pediatricians office for the every 6 months check.

I don't know why i can't figure out how to get the pictures side by side but i can't darnit! LOL Hope you all have a great evening or morning lol  cause its almost 12am here, i can't believe I've stayed up this late again..... NIGHT!

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  1. I'm glad to hear all is well Jenn! I was worried about the little guy! Love you all, give the kids hugs from me and Jona!