Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting closer

Life has been busy and hectic lately...with sick husband and snotty baby, hopefully everyone is over all that. Friday is getting closer and when i think about it i sometimes feel nervous but have to remind myself we probably wont learn anything new about Tyler Friday, so i have no reason to be nervous. In case some of you have forgot, Tyler is going to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, its about a 2 hour drive for us. His first appointment is with the cardiologist and is at 10am, we'll be leaving home early and we're leaving Kelsee with my mom. His second appointment is the endocrinologist at 2pm and then we'll be heading home. I'm sure they are going to be doing tests on him at both places and like said before we won't find anything out right away. So far all his tests that have been run have come back normal or negative, including the most recent one for celiac, which he does not have. Celiac is an allergy to gluten, the Gastrointologist thought maybe he might not be absorbing gluten like he should be. If you are just now starting to read my updates on Tyler you can go back to the first few posts, Today is a day is the first one i posted about Tyler and the doctors worries. I can't wait for this week to be over i've sorta been dreading it since it was scheduled but i'm sure it will all be fine. Just another day with doctors appointments right?

My fourth diaper and i've actually made one that's wearable for Tyler. It is a little big in the legs because i think the elastic wasn't pulled as tightly while my husband was putting it in, as it could have been, and i accidentally sewed the very top shut when putting the middle velcro on.A small insert has to go in it but, Tyler wore it for a few hours, pooped and peed in it, and no messes outside the diaper!! I'm excited about my success on sewing, even if i have had a little help from my mom or husband with my diapers! I haven't decided whether the next one i'll make an AI2 or another pocket! I really need to get a snap press, anyone know where i can get one cheap?
I now have a review tab for my reviews, make sure to watch for it, i'll hopefully be posting two reviews very soon! I'm hoping soon i'll get to do giveaways, maybe if i get good enough i'll start giving my diapers away to maybe get some business for myself! Speaking of business i got an email today for a possible childcare client, hopefully she'll email me back and meat up with me tomorrow or Thursday and will like me! She has a 3 year old little girl, and i'd be honored! Alright well i'd better sign off here and finish watching Greek (love this show) with my husband, and then get the kids to bed!

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