Sunday, February 20, 2011

The crazy days

I haven't written in a while and that's because my house has been crazy busy and crazy packed with people. Friday February 11th, Tyler went to Riley again to see a pediatric geneticist, where we found out nothing except what we already know. Tyler had 5 vials of blood drawn that day for more testing and i haven't gotten the results back, hopefully we'll get those this week. We're also waiting for the pediatrician to call and refer for us to go to a Development Pediatric doctor, to help us learn more ways to feed Tyler high calorie foods. The Development Pediatric doctor is in South Bend, Indiana and I'll hopefully get to meet up with my friend who lives in South bend to finally meet her and her family!

   Then the following Monday February 14 (Valentines Day) my mom and step-dads fireplace (which had not had a fire in it for 48 hours) started a fire in the wall behind it. So my mom and her foster son who is 3 years old (today) are staying with us in our home. my husband has been over at my mom's house the past 4 days helping my step-dad tear out the ceiling, and put drywall up, there was lots of smoke and water damage to the whole living room. Its now going on the second week we've had visitors, i hope its the last....:)

  If that wasn't enough.... Friday Tyler was fine in the morning and then when it came to nap time he started to run a low grade fever (99.6), and by bedtime it was up to 100.6 and he was starting to get congested. Saturday he still ran a low fever and would play while the motrin was in his system but then as soon as it was worn off he was lethargic. Then last night Kelsee started to run a fever and woke her dad up about 5 times (so he says), she ended up sleeping on his side of the bed sharing a pillow with him...if thats not asking to get sick. :( Crazy husband of mine! Today Kelsee ran a fever of 100.6 but Tyler never had a fever all day, they are both coughing though. So i dont know what they have but, my mom has also been coughing (she's been thinking it was from the smoke in her house). If they are not feeling well by Tuesday i'll be making an appointment for them for their doctor, since i'm pretty sure the office isn't open tommorow. 

On the up side i got my hair cut yesterday and am totally loving it, its so light and easily maitained! And next saturday i'll be getting a pedicure with my friend and she a pediacure!

Guess i'd better get to bed its getting late, i want to work on lots of diapers tommorow!!!


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