Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Essential Oils

I haven't written I a while because I've been busy being a working mom and going to school. I quit working outside of the home in April and I can say I love being back at home all the time with the kids. I'm now trying to make money on my own by, babysitting and promoting Young Living Essential oils. Have you ever heard of essential oils or tried using them for yourself and family? Let me tell you a little about essential oils! I have been using them since July 2014 and absolutely love using them for my health and wellness. I love to spread the word about these Essential oils to help others achieve personal wellness. I love Young Living because of their seed to seal promise, this means there is not anything added to them before they are put into the bottles. If you are interested in learning more I will be adding more information to the blog about each oil that is in the Premium Starter kit. This is the kit that most start with because it has 11 oils in it and a diffuser and a few extras!

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