Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Times Change

I am officially a working mom, i got my first job since having kids on Monday November 7th! I am going to be a front end cashier at Wal Mart and i couldn't be more excited to start! There are going to be small changes for our family but in the end it will help us a lot. I am going to be working nights and weekends so that we rarely need a sitter and won't have to pay for a sitter! That means all the money i make is getting banked for our new house unless we need it for a bump in the road along the way!

I am excited that i wont be missing my kids every day things, and i'll still be able to attend field trips if i find a sitter for Tyler. I'll still be able to take my little girl to dance because as of now i asked for Tuesdays off! I'll still be taking Kelsee and picking her up from Kindergarten, so we'll get to talk about her day before i go to work! Mommy will still have dinner most nights with her family instead of having to eat alone at work!

I will miss bedtime though, we both switch kids every other night to read to and tuck into bed. I'll miss my goodnight kisses from my kids and husband but, i know i'll get them before i go to work! I'm gonna miss my me time at night after everyone goes to bed because i'll be at work most nights or too exhausted to stay up!

But in the end it is what is best for our family in order to eventually move into a much needed bigger house on a basement! Its definitely not my dream job but it will suffice for now and i really like being around people so i know i will enjoy it. I worked as a Cashier at the same walmart i will be working at now, when i was in high school! I enjoyed it then so i'm sure i will still enjoy all the interaction and people around me!

Kelsee is having a hard time with me going back to work but i really think after it happens she will realize its not that bad. On weeknights i will only be gone a couple hours before she goes to bed and the rest of the time she'll be asleep. But how do you explain this to a almost 6 year old so that she will understand and not be so upset about it? I don't think it will effect Tyler as much because he's still little that as long as daddy is there to tuck him in he'll be ok! Other then getting a job nothing else is new...just same stuff every day!!! lol I love my family!!!


  1. Congrats on the job! I hope it all works out for you! Sounds like you've got a great plan :)
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  2. Congratulations on your new job! I've been a stay at home mom so long (the past 19 years) that I have no idea how I'd even manage having a job these days. I feel so out of the times. Like, back when worked, no one used ATM cards! It was all checks, cash, and credit cards. We didn't have the little "swipey" things where you just swipe your ATM or credit card. We had the carbon copy gadget where you had to make a carbon copy of the credit card and then have the person sign a copy. Am I dating myself here? LOL

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