Saturday, April 23, 2011

Potty training

I am not officially potty training Tyler yet just kinda guiding him to sit on it occasionally, he's not even 2 yet! But i'm so proud of him today! I was doing dishes in the kitchen and could see him kinda squat as he walked by and grunt so i took the sign and ran with it! I took him to the potty and put him on it, at first he didn't want to sit. My mom gave me the great idea to get some books and let him read, so that is just what i did! I forgot to make sure his little wee wee was in the potty so he started to pee and on my floor it went, but some of it got in the toilet! LOL I kept on reading and 5 minutes or so later he had pooped a big pile in the toilet!!!! YAY way to go Tyler! I'm sure this wont be the start of anything big but its a small start and i was sooooo very excited i had to share! LOL

On another note...i turned 28 on Thursday ahhhh why am i growing so old! LOL My dad called and wished me a happy birthday Thursday afternoon and told me it seems like just yesterday i was in the front yard throwing a red ball and was Tylers age. How sweet of him but...does it really go that quick? I really hope not...cause i've already felt like the first 5 years of Kelsee's young life has gone to fast. What am I in for?

My mom brought me over a cake today....a pig cake! I love pigs and it was too cute! It was a lemon cake with banana pudding in the middle with strawberry icing...DELICIOUS!
 Thank you everyone for helping make my birthday great....even though i really don't want to be 28!


  1. Hey Jennifer, I missed sending a happy birthdfay your way! Cute piggy cake!~ Kelly Filtz

  2. Awwww Happy Birthday! Katelynn likes pigs too lol!

  3. Thanks Kelsey!!! I LOVE pigs..i collect figurines!

  4. hi jennifer- thanks for following me, I'm following you back!!